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Let me start by saying I like where this is going.

The guard is sharp and looks good. Lines all around are real solid. The Gem stands out for it not being sharp compared to the guard but I'm not entirely sure if I agree with it just yet. Good on the unique factor, a diamond or Round shaped gem would fit better but it would come across as generic, a square shaped one would look out of place. The more I think in these terms the more I come around to it.

The right side of the blade looks to be at too sharp of an angle compared to the rest of the blade, specifically the portion close to the guard. Perhaps go for a more curved S with both the blade and grip. I think it will smooth it out nicely, but would require a longer grip, which is fine if this sword is intended to go through armor as it would require a two handed swing. A Longer grip wont dward it if it's curved too.
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SaturnGrl Featured By Owner Edited Aug 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
Well, If I do the "S" curve that would reverse the grip, and thus change which curve is the front of the blade. The curve down into the straight  tang is reminiscent of the Khopesh, and the curve is more related to how a Falcata curves, which is very sharp in comparison to its grip.
Making the tang straight also gave me a better option to sweep the grip into the direction I wanted to emphasize which edge is the front of the sword.

So you like the longer grip for the design, overall? What about some ideas for details that can be added to the grip?
Densuo Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
classic leather wrapping for the grip. can't go wrong with it. I think  a longer grip will look great. 
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