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I always figured a Knight would share the same powers as the Sailor Scout in question they serve. But hey, good to see it's not the case here. Keeps it fresh.

First off. I must protest. Where's the Scabbard? or is this a summoned sword?

A Straight double edged sword. much better to it being yet another Katana, as they're overused in Manga/Anime and would clash with a Knight.

The previous Design showed two Crystals. I like this one better. Two within the Rain Guard/Chappe looked clunky. Definitely a step in the right direction. The Rain Guard looks great.

I don't like the flame guard and Cross Guard. the S Shape isn't cool and looks two dimensional. It, like the twin gem thing, needs to change. Despite how rapier guards are generally separate, it's too separate here, and it is distracting.

Overall I like it. The Rain Guard, something that is often ignored, is attention grabbing in a good way. The only glaring thing here is the cross guard.

I would like to suggest Alternate designs here:

Idea One: Ice Blade, Fire Guard

At rest, the sword is as it is on the left, no cross guard. Upon being drawn from the scabbard, the crystal pommel generates the flame that wraps around where the Knight is holding the blade and goes UP.

The Knight shouldn't worry about a Fire guard that he himself conjures. Only someone who is unworthy of wielding it should be damaged.

Idea Two: Fire blade, Ice Guard.

The blade is fine and to the point. But the blade should be fire. Saturn is Quiet, her Knight's blade shouldn't be.

The switch should go with the Pommel, Grip, and cross guard as well. Fire goes up. A rapier in hand has it's elaborate guard covering and downward (compare the sideways look of the previous design that you linked). A crystalline ice guard would flow much better with the grip's look, Could be worked into the pommel and would make better sense in the need of guarding the Knight's hand, even as a punching tool itself. Eliminates a worry of evisceration as well.
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SaturnGrl Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
My character is a little more complex than just sharing powers with his respected princess. Its a bit of a long story, I'll fill you in later if you want. ^_^

The sword itself is summoned, so I've never designed a scabbard for it. Maybe I should for a more "Formal" design, but for now, I'm just redesigning the sword itself.

Actually...I don't want to lose the cruciform and guard. All my studies of rapiers have a cruciform, and the guard is actually attached to, if not part of the cruciform. That is why I liked the flame to that part of the sword.

And I did try several design ideas for the guard. Tried doing a flame design going one direction and the other, and I found that the guard seemed to flow more naturally in the direction toward the pommel.

Also, in most standard displays of European swords, you would place a sword with the blade aimed downward so that you could reach out and take the handle with your hand. Very rarely do you see a sword displayed with the blade aimed upward. Which is another reason why I opted to have the flame flow toward the pommel instead of toward the blade. Only Asian and Middle Eastern swords are displayed on a sideways rack.

I appreciate your idea inputs, but the flame blade idea, like the katana, I feel has been way overdone in anime. I wanted to do something a little different and not make the fire portion too dominant with this sword. The main Fire and Ice theme is centered on the Hilt and balanced at about 50-50 in detail, while the blade is just a blade. 
Densuo Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can respect dat. You go grl.
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