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For starters the first thing I thought when I saw this way back when was Saint Seiya.

So! Here we are with something I remember ya doin' from way back when. That allows me to skip to the nitty gritty.

The lines are clean (something I've come to expect from you) so it lets me see the details just the way I like it. Form and function was taken into consideration, and it looks like the armor sections around the abs and ribs would allow that. However I find myself protesting what looks like a spinal guard. I feel it should either end before the ab/ribs/lower back portion or should be removed entirely. Something like that would be more fitting for a person of larger stature, a tank, a bruiser, not someone who looks to be nimble and agile as I'd first assume by the model in this pic. Another way of looking at it would be scrapping the tasset, torso armor, and shoulder guards and going with a cyborg-ish look with the spine guard. But that would be too futuristic...

The skin tight portions of what the knight is wearing should remain skin tight everywhere. that goes for the spot around the shoulders/arm I saw the previous pic and thought it was excessive, and I feel the same way here. A knight should be regal or all business, this armor looks more like business, perhaps we could go poofier in a gala outfit but not when it's showtime. This is my least liked part of this armor. Bluntly, It's distracting.

Despite the tasset and and greaves showing some sharpness I don't entirely agree with the Elbow Guards. They'd be fitting for an assassin or even a darker themed knight (like the Sonic work you show in the description), but here it takes away and distracts from the design. Looking at the previous work, I find the round wrist guard or bracelet to be much better fitting. Again it feels extra, the knight would have that bracelet in normal wear, that elbow guard being added just doesn't work here, it's too sharp.

The Transformation gem on the left arm is an attention grabber. It stands out as the one truly round shape. Makes it special, as it should be. I like it.

The Emblem. I would pick one spot. The shoulder sections of armor rule out the usual location for the chest, and that's fine. but it feels excessive, or even tacked on to have the emblem twice, perhaps in lower then where it is, closer to the heart, and removing the one at the waist, or, what I think would look best with this one, maintaining the one at the waist and removing the other. Were this knight to wear a helmet that wasn't a circlet the one by the neck would be blocked. Just one is fine here. On a side note maybe a more effeminate guy could have the emblem like a choker...

Feet and legs look like they wont be restricted.

Overall I like what I see and I think it's evolved nicely from what it was. Now to see it in a more dynamic pose.
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Densuo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
chain mesh would likely have to be incorporated more as opposed to just there I think. 

Yes. Please stick with basic bracers from before. 

The spinal guard I think warrants more experimentation. The cyborg thing was just me blabbing no worries. waist ensemble is good. Doesn't need changing, I was just mentioning it in regards to the couters.

Emblem in the neck area is fine, but just one. Not two.

Glad to Help 
SaturnGrl Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2014  Professional General Artist
Ok, so the "Poofy" sleeves under the armor epaulets/pauldrons and the elbow couters are your main negatives. I can work with that. 
The Sleeves were supposed to be more of a light chain mesh in this design instead of just a fluffy cloth accessory in the old design, but I can see about trying a design without them.
So regarding the forearms, you think I should remove the couters and revert back to the basic bracer design like the one I used before?

Can also try a design without the spinal guard, or altering it as per your suggestions to see how it looks otherwise. There are some "brawler" type knights too, so it may be a feature unique to that type.
Yeah, I think the cyborg style would be too...Star Trek for this kind of "Magical" genre of anime. :)
And I really like how the whole waist armor ensemble came together in this design. I don't think I want to remove that.

The emblem...yeah, I think the best position would be at the neck area, since these knights don't have head armor. The more I think about it being on the belt buckle, the more I'm not liking the position. Having it up higher would draw more attention to the upper area of the body, and draw the eye more to the knight's face instead of his waist.

So, I will take these suggestions and see about developing this further. Thanks!
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