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Yo ADCs Hold my bleep by Densuo Yo ADCs Hold my bleep by Densuo
An ADC gets cocky because he got fat. Ignoring the fact that I, the support won the match at level 1. 

This match was over from the initial engage at level 1.

I Q'd the bush to the right of mid Enemy Vi was there. leaves. We ward it, Karthus walks in it. I ping him once my Q is up again. I ignite him, J4 gets first blood. Vayne who was on Blue side tribush engages a 1v3 we ping'em to fall back. but we end up engaging. Vayne gets lucky that Morgana was an idiot and we get J4 2 more kills. I back. Trynd kills teemo top. J4 and Morde kill Karthus mid. I get vayne a double kill Vayne gets a bork within 8.

Trynd dies, gets mad and DCs I get Vayne another double kill on an all in.

fast forward a bit: Vayne is getting cocky insulting the other team and saying crap like "I love playing bronze" and gets mad that we are pinging and asking to group to get this over with since she wants to go off and 1 v 3 losing twice and getting 1 kill out of it. only giving them a chance to come back since we are still down an AFK'd trynd.

"I'm your whole team. if I Afk you lose" 
I call her bluff, she AFKs. 
Myself, Morde and J4 seige mid. Morg makes another mistake along with Karthus and they get bopped. We blow up mid inhib turret and inhib they surrender.

Seriously. This game sometimes.

End game transcript:

Valhalla Slayer: report vayne plz
AFTHER: "don't need you vayne"
TheReason8286: just report her for being dum
HoliestTitan: wtf
Densuo: like I said
Densuo: didnt need you
Densuo: hold that ****
Densuo: all of that
Densuo: I got your *** fat
TheReason8286: ^
Densuo: this whole was by yours truly
Densuo: right off the start
Densuo: this ENTIRE game
Densuo: was won be me
TheReason8286: she got u and me fed
Densuo: the support
Densuo: not you
Densuo: I got your **** fat
Densuo: then your ego kicked in
Densuo: you went afk
Densuo: and we still won
TheReason8286: u got me fed too
Densuo: hold that **** for the rest of your life
TheReason8286: cause i got first few kills down there in begginign
Densuo: Batman aint **** without a fish
HoliestTitan: holy **** morg died 17 times
Densuo: write it down son
Densuo: you got carried
Densuo: plain and simple
Densuo: feels good to carry
Densuo: talking all that good trash
Densuo: when she only got fat because we got her fed.
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June 9, 2014
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