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[Wednesday, January 18]

They were on Gaia, in the Kingdom of Eileen. The feeling of tension was in the air. Guyver looked around as he walked through town, Eiry right beside him.
"I’d say it's nice here, but people are watching us,” she said, glancing around, not quite comfortable.
"They can feel the weapon," he noted. The guards he saw had hands on their weapons, and what looked like a messenger ran off. "Won't be long now. We need to find Zept."

It was at the central park that they met up with Zept, Who greeted them with a casual wave.
"Sup, G. Hey. And Eiry."
"So, you're the one, right?"
"Yes, she is," Guyver cut in. "I'm all hers."
Zept looked her over, maintaining his casual attitude and smile. "Take good care of him. He's gonna treat you good. You break his heart, I break your face."
Eiry looked thrown off, frowning almost immediately. But before she could say anything, Guyver smacked him upside the head, looking more annoyed then offended. "Dammit Zept! Do you have to say that to everyone?"
"She don't look the type. But yeah, force of habit. Besides, from what everyone tells me you two are all lovey dovey." he chuckled.
“I’m sure you’d have to stand in line behind Mavrik, anyway,” Eiry said, wondering just how odd these two get when they were around each other normally. But soon Guyver motioned for them both.
"Alright, lay off. Let's settle this business. Where's the backup?"
"I was able to meet the Retrievers who decided to show. They’re already waiting at the gates." Zept answered.
"Who?" Guyver asked.
"The dwarf and the elf."
"Morok Stonebreaker and Sol Bharzad. Ok. I guess Lina and Ken-ta are busy with their triplets and Leo is playing catch up with Rydel and Jon. Granted, he's always been a free spirit."
"Why do you call them 'Retrievers'? What exactly do they do?" Eiry asked.
Guyver and Zept exchanged a glance. The weapon was always uncomfortable to talk about. But she should know they both thought, and if she could talk about Tally and bonds, Guyver thought…
"The weapon was hidden away in a cave for a good while. A group of five were brought together to get it back, as the kingdoms wanted to try to destroy it."
Zept chimed in. "Morok Stonebreaker, Dwarven cleric and smith; Sol Bharzad, Elvish ranger. Keeps to himself until ya get him a drink or two. No wonder he and Morok got along. Leo. Human. He's a monk, but meet him and you'll wonder how that happened, heh. Ken-ta Treyson. Human. Damn good fighter, prefers exotic stuff. Bladed boomerangs and the like. He's married to the last one, Lina Ashten. Half-elf. A talented sorceress. Gorgeous to boot."
Eiry nodded, becoming uncomfortable as she sensed something else, and she squeezed Guyver's hand. "We're being followed. Two look like guards. The other…"
Guyver took his glasses off. "Alert as always, sweetheart, I noticed the guards. I'll keep my eyes up for the third when I see any funny movement."
Zept was the only one who seemed relaxed as they kept walking through what was the bazaar. A few minutes later there was a loud crack, a howling man falling before Zept's feet. "It's always so crowded. Good place for pickpockets, I guess. Piss off, eh?" That had got them some space, and Eiry was the first to feel a bit more at ease.
"Hey. Eiry," Zept said.
"I hear you like flowers. Nice simple spot 'round here sells them. Maybe after all this we can all drop by over there, yeah?"
“We’ll have to see what happens, I guess.” Flowers were one of the last things on her mind right now. They didn’t know how things would go, and if this turned into something like one of Matsuo’s adventures, three of which she’d been on, then things might get pretty bad.
The bazaar gave way to a large square, the palace not too far off, and the trio spotted two men.
"Ah, Guyver. You're here at last," Morok greeted. "Eiry as well. You're even better looking in person! The name's Morok Stonebreaker."
"Hello. Yes, I’m Eiry. Guyver’s mentioned you. I'm sure we could come up with something for your wife.
Morok nodded enthusiastically. "And Zept. Your job's done. Why are you here?"
"Naw. I need to see this through," Zept responded. "I don't trust governments. Perhaps the old king. But not the new kid."
The elf chuckled a bit. "I suppose that's understandable." Then he turned to Eiry with a smile. "Sol Bharzad. A pleasure." He looked at Guyver, and the two shared a silent greeting. "Well now, we are all here. Perhaps we should go?"
Morok took the lead with Zept flanking him, Guyver and Eiry followed closely with Sol bringing up the rear.
Eiry is :iconzairafirefly: 's character. Everyone else is mine. 
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September 21, 2014


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