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NEC15 - The FGC presents: BODIED by Densuo NEC15 - The FGC presents: BODIED :icondensuo:Densuo 1 1
An End to Destruction Part 5 of 5
Gaia. Tara's Inn.
"Ah, the gang's all here. Excellent. Sol still hasn't woken up yet, though I must say, Zept, you've been taking your lumps as of late, what happened?"
Zept lazily looked Sali's way then back to Morok. “It's fine. Just give it a few days," he shrugged.
"And whose fault is that," Sali growled. Arisa was between them in instant. a neutral toned "no fighting." her only comment.
Tensions were quickly flaring before a bell chimed. Everyone but Morok, Amelia and Miara felt chills run up their spines as they all turned quickly toward the noise, which was around Oracle's neck. She was tending to Sol, but turned to look back, her face was devoid of emotion, but her message was clear 'There will be no violence here'. She turned her back to them, returning to caring for Sol. Miara soothed Zalan’s spines back down.
"Now, now. My friend needs his rest. We'll get nowhere fighting among ourselves. What say we all introduce ourselves and figure out who's going instead?" Mo
:icondensuo:Densuo 1 0
An End to Destruction Part 4 of 5
Earth; Tokyo and Belvidere, VT
Zept was gone already, and she was alone. It had been a rough transfer, or could she simply not stand? And Guyver—he—
She burst into tears, the image captured in her mind forever.
Sali noted the restored bond with a smile, and the next instant dropped the entire kettle into the hearth. Ilara’s quick reaction, pulling her back, kept her from getting splattered or burned as stew and coals flew.
“Sali! What’s wrong??”
“I—Er—elie āan, Guyver!”
“Go!” Kara said, feeling some of it too as she leaned against the table, at the same time telling her husband to do the same.
Miara was out walking with Zan, who didn’t want to sleep, when she felt that thing that said something was wrong, and quickly searched around for it.
Gaia, Kingdom of Eileen, secret altar
Zept reappeared in the room used for the blade ceremony, groggily checking his surroundings. Morok was restraining Sol from claw
:icondensuo:Densuo 1 0
Mature content
An End to Destruction Part 3 of 5 :icondensuo:Densuo 0 0
An End to Destruction Part 2 of 5
Guards blocked the palace entrance, a routine "Halt!" greeting them. "What business do you have here today? The court is closed for matters that don't concern you."
Zept stepped forward. "Ey, I'll bet they do. I was sent on a mission to fetch the king a toy that needs to be destroyed." He casually tossed a scroll their way. However, several archers had already aimed at them from atop the gate as one of the guards looked at the scroll. He nodded.
"I must have this verified. I’m sure you understand."
"It'd be easier to understand if the archers weren't aiming at us, lad," Morok said.
The other guard shrugged and waved the archers off. "Tensions are high."
After a small wait, the first guard returned. "The King Barom has been expecting you. You are permitted to bring your weapons. However, they must be visible. You'll also be escorted." With that he bowed. "You may proceed."
Guyver phased in Dimension Diver. Zept wasn't carrying anything. Morok's ax and Eiry's blades were clearly vi
:icondensuo:Densuo 1 0
An End to Destruction Part 1 of 5
[Wednesday, January 18]
They were on Gaia, in the Kingdom of Eileen. The feeling of tension was in the air. Guyver looked around as he walked through town, Eiry right beside him.
"I’d say it's nice here, but people are watching us,” she said, glancing around, not quite comfortable.
"They can feel the weapon," he noted. The guards he saw had hands on their weapons, and what looked like a messenger ran off. "Won't be long now. We need to find Zept."
It was at the central park that they met up with Zept, Who greeted them with a casual wave.
"Sup, G. Hey. And Eiry."
"So, you're the one, right?"
"Yes, she is," Guyver cut in. "I'm all hers."
Zept looked her over, maintaining his casual attitude and smile. "Take good care of him. He's gonna treat you good. You break his heart, I break your face."
Eiry looked thrown off, frowning almost immediately. But before she could say anything, Guyver smacked him upside the head, looking more annoyed then offended. "Dammit Zept! Do you
:icondensuo:Densuo 1 0
Guess who? by Densuo Guess who? :icondensuo:Densuo 0 0 Yo ADCs Hold my bleep by Densuo Yo ADCs Hold my bleep :icondensuo:Densuo 0 0 Myself by Densuo Myself :icondensuo:Densuo 1 0 Guyver by Densuo Guyver :icondensuo:Densuo 0 0 Zept by Densuo Zept :icondensuo:Densuo 1 0 The Season of The Romance by Densuo The Season of The Romance :icondensuo:Densuo 8 2 Miara by Densuo Miara :icondensuo:Densuo 1 0 Diver concept 4 by Densuo Diver concept 4 :icondensuo:Densuo 0 0 Dimension Diver concept 3 by Densuo Dimension Diver concept 3 :icondensuo:Densuo 1 0
Link and Luigi: Disgruntled
It's Three in the morining... Luigi, Link, and TJ Combo are driving home from an after party in celebration of  TJ Combo busting some ass in a boxing match in TJ Combo's car, TJ is passed out drunk in the back. Luigi's driving.
Luigi: "I tell ya Link, TJ got plastered pretty quick, he's almost always the last man standing when it comes to drinking...... what's with him?"
Link: "He's tired of being a sterotype for fighting games...the 'Negro who Punches you' "
Luigi: "Ah, he's going through that phase huh? Well I can understand... there's a lot of black guys in Fighting Tournaments that are usually some kind of boxer... Balrog, Bruce, Micheal Max... but ya know what... at least he gets his.
Link: "What do you mean?"
Luigi: "What the hell do you think I mean?? Hell aint you seen Super Mario World???"
Link: "What about it?"
Luigi: "When me and that fat, short, punk of a brother of mine saved her he got a smooch... you know what I got? A HARDY HANDSHAKE!!! What kinda thank you is that afte
:icondensuo:Densuo 6 15


by AF1987

I'm gonna ignore the star stuff on the right. I don't feel it really adds to what you're looking for here. For the usual things I expec...

Let me start by saying I like where this is going. The guard is sharp and looks good. Lines all around are real solid. The Gem stands o...

I always figured a Knight would share the same powers as the Sailor Scout in question they serve. But hey, good to see it's not the cas...

For starters the first thing I thought when I saw this way back when was Saint Seiya. So! Here we are with something I remember ya doin...



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I like designing stuff. But for the sake of funsies I also like asking people. Would anyone be so kind as to pick 4 from these hairstyles?


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